The Morning Hustle

I turned this 5th bedroom in my own home into a dedicated workout and yoga room. The room is 168 sq ft and came in at $3500 or roughly $22 a square foot #score. This includes drywall,paint and flooring.

I wanted a calm, cool and collected vibe…almost minimal but still with delicate details.

The Edits to know:

1.The room had already been dry walled with a closet opening and instead of taking that framing out we kept it in for resale value. Closet doors can easily be added if our needs change.

2. Because there are no site lines or neighbors behind us I left the windows un-treated to allow the window to act as a constantly changing piece of art work and it matches the minimal vibe I was after and I am so glad I didn’t clutter it up!* it did make the room hard to photograph though!

3. I Added gym underlay¬† beneath the laminate floor for cushioning these old joints! It is cheap to do so why not?! And less of a tripping hazzard than gym mats if you have rug rats working out with you- I don’t but it is a good to know tip!

4. I made sure to select a light with a disbursement shade on the bottom. When you need the light on in early winter mornings you don’t want the bulbs staring you in your eyeballs- crunching is bad enough as it is!

View the gallery to read tidbits on the details