The BIG O……..Organic Materials in Decor

The big O- organic materials in decor. Did you have your mind somewhere else?! Naughty.

I wouldn’t call Organic materials in decor a “trend”, they are here to STAY.

Organic design elements are made of materials which come from nature. The addition of natural, organic elements in our interiors can make us feel calm, at peace, and above all, welcomed. It is now known that using organic interior design elements to connect humans to nature nurtures health and well-being. Natural materials are also a healthier choice for interiors as they are non-toxic with little to no VOCs,ensuring better indoor quality. The use of organic elements in interior spaces is always a win-win. This post focus’s on organic themed decor- I will be doing a separate post about incorporating organic design elements to a new build/reno separately. These are all easy changes you can do over a weekend or an online shop:)

The Edit Top 5 Ways

Natural stone- Mable or Agate Wallpaper a feature wall, Add some agate or quartz lamps, add crystals to a bowl and display them. A stone topped table or coasters work too!

Woven materials- Baskets Galore! Add some catch all baskets to your living areas and kid friendly rooms. Woven rugs, and dining chairs are classic.

Wooden elements- Add wooden lamps, shelving or accent furniture. A bamboo blind or a custom art piece!

Brick- You don’t have to literally add bricks…. there are a TON of awesome brick wallpapers out there, some textured too. Or take color inspo from the brick, rusty reds, oranges, or whites and greys. I even love a copper/red backsplash.

Natural sun light- If your home does not have enough natural light, add some! Lamps and fixtures in natural materials or in a design mimicking nature will always read timeless in your space.