Pattern Positive!

Most of us learned about patterns in elementary school! Long before we had to worry about owning or renting our own home and introducing pattern to make our  home look #fantastic.

The 2  B I G G E S T misconceptions about pattern is that 1.)it is impractical and will go out of style fast or 2.) It is too bold or too much of statement. To this I say hellnah!

Pattern Positives: 

  1. They create visual interest & are a great way to introduce color schemes into your design.
  2. If you vary the scale(size) of your patterns you can make the space feel bigger or smaller or more formal or relaxed
  3. You can create distinct “areas” in your home if you have an open floor plan


1.Make sure the patterns you select are different from each other. Ie not small dots and big dots

2.Ensure that your patterns have a least 1-2 colors in common

3. Choose patterns in proportion to your room. Ie Big room=Big prints!

4. Keep an eye on texture Ie: a satin pillow next to a rattan one might make your room feel a little cray! If you really can’t step out of your comfort zone focus more on the texture of the patterns and keep the colors solid.

Money Saver: If buying throw pillows make sure the cases are removable. Best for cleaning and when you want to update the fabric you don’t need to replace the whole pillow. Even better yet look for fabric sales and sew your own! Or in my case kindly ask family members to sew them for you!

Inserting link here to this amazing Canadian company for fabric. Ordering custom fabrics can be cost effective it is not just for rich folks!memo fabrics

I am adding photos here of pattern mixing done right and some patterns that are on the up and up for 2018.