Many of you might be considering a facial for your home…ie: repainting! Spring is a great time to paint. The weather is warmer, days are longer and emotionally it is a great time of year for a change in our environments.

For some nerdy background on color psychology read here: Color and Emotional Well Being

Choosing a paint color can be challenging. Natural light, artificial light, all finishing’s in the room such as flooring and carpet all need to be considered.Factoring in the color of large furniture and art work in the space will affect the result of your color choice too. Here are some handy tips to help you on your way.

Choose a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space- such as a vintage rug you love and will have for years to come!

Start with the most used areas of the home, or most formal

Contrast with warm and cool tones to create a modern look

Don’t be afraid to show your personal style if you are in your forever home

Grey’s will never fail you!

Don’t be afraid to add a subtle tint to your ceiling paint

Ensure you try samples– live with it for a few days, check the colors out in changing lights and with your window treatments open and closed- this is dubbed the “theatre of light”principle

Look in your closet– often your wardrobe will direct you to the colors you tend to favor most


The glossier/shinier a paint the easier the wipe up- i.e. kids furniture and trim

Eggshell is great for Kitchens and Baths as it is easy wash ability

Walls with lots of imperfections can take a matte finish to hide flaws, but does not clean well

Darker colors can make a room feel smaller and lighter color can make the room feel larger

High Gloss adds dimension to rooms- hence why you find it on trim and baseboards often.

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EDIT FAVE’S *** do note that screens don’t show color accurately so take this cheat sheet and take a trip to your favorite paint store. We love Benjamin Moore world wide and Expressive Interiors if you are in Revelstoke.  Visit Lori at Expressive Interiors

Below are some of our current favorites. If you are looking for whites our TOP picks are:

White Dove, Decorator’s White,Simply White, Cloud White, and Oxford White!