Let’s get L I T!

Lighting, the unsung hero of your home. Natural lighting is very important to us humans so much so that it effects our mood and even our overall happiness(!), so choose a home with large windows and lots of natural light IF you can. If your pad falls short in this department help your home out by ensuring you have adequate task, mood and ambient lighting as needed in each room.

The top Edits to keep in mind for the ultimate lighting of your space:

1.Look for ways to compensate for small windows/ lack of natural light such as placing mirrors on walls opposite to windows so that they reflect daylight and create a brighter space.

2.Add dimmer switches wherever you can! Perfect for energy saving AND mood.

3. The worst F word in town? Fluorescent. Avoid these bulbs like the plague!Go dimmable A-19 LED or CFL’s compact flourescent.

4.Splash your personality around. There are SO MANY stylish options in lighting- modern lamps, contemporary sconces, statement chandeliers, and on and on and ON! Don’t be afraid to make your own statement. Lighting is relatively easy to change out and you can find fantastic deals so the investment can be low as well.

Here is a gallery of some statement making lighting on trend for 2018

. I love to look on allmodern.com, lumens.com, and locally at Robinson Lighting and Bath and The Lampost.