Hostess with the Most-ess

Hosting In style

I love this time of year, friends and family coming by, holiday prep like decorating and present shopping= too much F U N!

Usually about this time I am hosting a dinner or two, and while I don’t want to go full on Christmas I want to make my guests feel special by adding some extra touches and doing some easy prep that will bring me hostess with the mostess status!

The Edits for hosting an awesome dinner party:

Table Top: Create an easy center piece. Candles and greenery are a hit and super easy. If weather permits you can grab the greenery from your yard or on an am stroll. If you prefer to buy, just ask your favorite florist for some, it is less than $20 for a good size bundle.

Set the Stage: Bring out your favorite wine glasses and add some fabric napkins. Just these 2 things will dress up your table and give off an “this is special ” vibe!

Keep it Simple: Plan to cook something you have made before! Now is NOT the time to try a new dish. I like a one dish meal that you can prep beforehand so you can maximize your time with your guests. Add a side salad and a fresh baguette and dip and your golden! Think a gourmet lasagna, an easy roast chicken and side.

Wine Wins-:Serve the best wine that you can. This will make your food taste better and if your guest is from out of town a local/BC wine is always best. Try any from Fort Berens in Lillooet, Culmina Estates from Osoyoos, and Privato from here in Kamloops.

Tunes– Grab a record player and some old vinyl and have it ready! Everyone loves to reminisce over oldies but goodies. Or pre-make a playlist beforehand. Some perfect background artists I love for dinner parties: Rolling Stones, Adele, Florence and the machine, Tom Petty, and then after dinner you can let the dance club tunes pump!