Covid 2020

Well it goes without saying we are in a strange, scary and overwhelming time! Most of us are spending A LOT more time at home than usual and at week (4?) I know my mental health has been an hour by hour game! HA!

I know a lot of blogs out there might be telling you a list of DIY’s and stuff you could/should be doing around your house. Well you’re not going to get that here! First off the only thing worse than an unskilled DIY is a rushed DIY and any home project should be well planned and well thought out so RESIST the urge to paint willy-nilly or tackle a job that really needs a professional with all the right tools.  Resist the urge to fill your day with things you ought to do, and that includes home projects. Focus instead on small pleasures around your home and projects like organizing what you already have, editing all the “stuff” you have and getting outside! Take note of what is NOT working in your home, functionally, and if you are looking at home schooling and working from home for the future make a must have list or at least of list of what needs to work better. From that list you can make decisions and purchases that make sense! Designers ARE still working too so if you need some help, contact your favorite and see if they can help!

I have been ensuring I keep my home cozy by having fresh flowers weekly- Fern and Frond here in Kamloops is my favorite- contact Chelsea here Fern and Frond

If you need budget friendly blooms- go find a nice branch or bloom on a hike or ask a neighbour- these bring the outdoors in too and are essentially FREE. Just make sure it’s floral or green- nothing dead – it is bad Feng Shui.

Order some Vancouver Candle Co Candles to light each evening. The awesome women at Main Street Clothing will even deliver your online order!

I like my house to feel like a neat and tidy hotel, and that starts where you start and end your day- The bed!- I have been washing or changing my sheets more often to ensure a crisp, delectable sleep! My absolute all time fave sheets are from Pottery Barn, they are a splurge but worth it! PB Belgian Flax Sheets and this winter I found a great set off Amazon for $40 that are in rotation too- these deep pocket guys: amazon sheet set

I am avoiding any unnecessary purchases indoors but I am adding Vegan Leather pillows to my bedroom and living room, they are chic, sexy and a room always needs more texture! Article has some and Etsy is my fave, make sure you check all specs to ensure your leather is cruelty free and indeed vegan if that is import ant to you (it is to me!) Etsy Faux Leather Pillows

Organize what you already have! If you don’t already own a label maker, buy one! So handy for home schooling, spices, filing and for closet organization too!  Brother makes the best ones: Brother Label Makers

Make sure you are allowing enough time for your nervous system to absorb and process the stress of the world right now- or you family HA! I recently discovered cork yoga mats and I LOVE em’. Indigo has speedy delivery right now and I am trying out a larger meditation cushion from the round shape, and I like it! Under $50 here- great for kiddos too! Floor Cushion Cork Yoga Mat here: Cork Yoga Mat

If you have a build or reno coming up, take advantage of this time NOW to plan, design and consult with your designer or builder. The more time that goes into your project the better the results! In the mean time, take it easy, small changes, small pleasures, small luxuries. And whatever you do, do not start a DIY you can’t finish;)  Take a peak at the inspo below- SP