Custom Home DETAILS

Custom Home DETAILS

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of my role helping clients create the spaces of their dreams is working in those small details that speak to who the clients are and how they enjoy spending time and living in their homes. Often after we have worked through the budgets, plans and all the BIG ticket items we get to slow down and work in some smaller details that are totally tailored to them.

This build has 2 great touches based around the clients love of entertaining, music and wine!

I based the design for the record holder off of a high end store inspiration and then scaled it out to ensure the right size and positioning next to the 14′ high tiled fireplace. The wine rack was designed to feature mesh to match the liquor cabinet-also a custom detail. Always a pleasure working with Chad Macdonald at  Tri-rom Industries making these crazy plans come to fruition!

Dining Table from Hudson’s Bay. Couch at Article

Fire it Up

Fire it Up

It might seem kooky to do a blog on fireplaces RIGHT when everyone is turning them off-finally! and we hit our hot months, but a lot of you are making the best of the weather for your renovations or it’s GO time for new construction. So with that said I have been planning and scheming for a few clients these past few weeks on fireplaces so I thought I would share my inspo’s and what is trending.

Traditionally the fireplace served as the heart of the home, after all it was the main source of heat for most folks! Currently most homes have gas or electric making the design aspect much more fun! The fireplace serves as heat yes, but as a focal point, ambiance setter, and as art in today’s modern homes.

If you are shopping for a new gas fireplace make sure you:

#1. Buy one that is rated excellent by the EnerGuide- that way you won’t be stressing over your gas bill and can feel ok about having it on as much as you want

#2. Ask for/Buy a remote control. Nothing sends me over the edge more than having to switch the fireplace on or off from the front plate of the fireplace. Especially if you are a couch napper or blanket co-cooner everytime you have to leave your nest this will irk you too!

#3 Always us a professional for adding a gas fireplace in your home

#4 The BTU # is the number tha

t will tell you how much heat your place’ will kick out in your space. So if you have a larger room to heat make sure you get a fireplace with enough juice to the the job done.

Take a peak at what is trending………and read my notes on why and what is working:)

“Me Man-Me Need Cave!”

“Me Man-Me Need Cave!”

I can’t say I have ever met a man who does not want his own space.Whether it’s a shop, a shed or who knows what, they all seem to rejoice when they are in there! Today I am sharing my husband’s man den. While I definitely wanted him to have most ( I didn’t really want this but I know that I had to let him to be the nice wife I wish to be) of the input this space doubles as an overflow entertaining area when we have guests so I wanted it to at least flow with the rest of our (my) style throughout the house.

Here I will share my Top 5 Tips!          

Particulars:This space was an unfinished basement so with drywall,flooring, paint to every single detail in the room the investment was just under $14,000. The total square footage is 340 bringing it in at roughly $40 per square foot.

1- Choose durable finishes! We went with a commercial grade laminate flooring but added an extra layer of underlay for added warmth in winter & a good ole Costco rug to catch any spills. Dark laminate counters to hide a multitude of sins on the wet bar as well as a black granite under mount sink to keep any messes hidden! Add extra insulation for noise barrier if your TV is going to be loud on game night. This room mirrors a furnace room so we wanted all noise from that blocked as well as any flow to my office past that.

2. Do not cheap out on your bar/wine fridge. Do not. There is a huge difference in quality on these and for the few hundred dollar difference from an average one to a good to great one-it is worth it.Cheap ones a). don’t keep things cool and b). are noisy!

3. Don’t be afraid of custom orders. We wanted a 7 ft real wood  bar table. Could not find one in our vibe so I did some snooping and found Daniel Nelson from Driftwood Works and we Facebook-ed back and forth until we found our grain and stain of choice and he had the table fabricated and a matching Dart Board Wall shipped to us in less than 3 weeks for $1000 both pieces!

4. Save where you can. We wanted a new couch and seating BUT real life took over and that is on the back burner so we used our old sectional and I dressed her up in easily cleaned throw pillows and blankets.We also decided to cut the cabinetry cost in half but not doing upper bar cabinets. We had glass shelves made from a local glass company with special mounts that can hold a lot of liquor weight.

5. Show who you are! My husband loves the outdoors, sports,  and likes to entertain. We are both big kids at heart so the space is full of nods to all those things.

At the end of the day we ended up collaborating on a space that works for him and a space that I am not embarrassed about having to show guests- a true #WIN!  We set our budget at the start and I am happy to say we hit our target. When we disagreed on any decisions I quickly moved on and showed him other options instead of sticking on anything and creating a “scene”. A true collaboration which is what life is all about!

Details are noted under the photos

The Morning Hustle

I turned this 5th bedroom in my own home into a dedicated workout and yoga room. The room is 168 sq ft and came in at $3500 or roughly $22 a square foot #score. This includes drywall,paint and flooring.

I wanted a calm, cool and collected vibe…almost minimal but still with delicate details.

The Edits to know:

1.The room had already been dry walled with a closet opening and instead of taking that framing out we kept it in for resale value. Closet doors can easily be added if our needs change.

2. Because there are no site lines or neighbors behind us I left the windows un-treated to allow the window to act as a constantly changing piece of art work and it matches the minimal vibe I was after and I am so glad I didn’t clutter it up!* it did make the room hard to photograph though!

3. I Added gym underlay  beneath the laminate floor for cushioning these old joints! It is cheap to do so why not?! And less of a tripping hazzard than gym mats if you have rug rats working out with you- I don’t but it is a good to know tip!

4. I made sure to select a light with a disbursement shade on the bottom. When you need the light on in early winter mornings you don’t want the bulbs staring you in your eyeballs- crunching is bad enough as it is!

View the gallery to read tidbits on the details