Play by Play of my Day to Day

Usually things tend to slow down over the holidays and new year, but just like the rest of 2018- this year was unpredictably busy! I had high hopes of coming home from a fabulous vacation and having December and January to business plan, take some courses and quite frankly kick back a bit after a super busy season. Didn’t happen! Here is a little bit of just what the heck it is I get up to, there is no typical day in Interior Design- some days I am zipping around to sites, scouring local sources to pull samples, visiting clients for initial consultations, meeting with trades, scheming up design elements to set my clients home apart, budget reviewing, styling decor and usually a bit of actual design time.

There is A LOT of behind the scene’s work to grow my business and ensure that I don’t miss the mark in providing service that people need. Read the captions for a play by play on my day to day!

Family Fun

Family Fun

This was a fun project for my friend’s the Doherty’s! They have a newer home in Aberdeen with a huge rec space downstairs that just wasn’t being utilized, and now that they are about to add a new bundle of joy, it was time to get the space cozied up!

The basics: The room has amazing wallpaper! Obvi that had to be kept- and it formed a great basis of color to pull from for the room. We decided to tie in greys,whites and warm wood tones. This is always a good strategy in a room that might not get the most light- it keeps things chic but adds a bit of life since wood tones read as “natural”

We kept the existing media hutch but added 2 wall mounted Ikea Besta units and wall mounted the TV. Cords still need to be hidden-!Since the couch is large, and dark, adding some pillows in a variety of textures and patterns was important, we tied in a large PLAY sign, from the great folks at Ginger and the Huth from Esty, added a cubby shelf for storage and popped in 6 HUDDA baskets from Ikea- perfect for a little dude who loves cars!

The coffee table is a great fit for the space- the wood top has a nice warmth to it and the black open design keeps it nice and light while showing off the great area rug! We have a great kid friendly pouf too…with alphabet letters but it ended up being back ordered soooooo it is not pictured here.

Mom and Dad should have easy access to the wine fridge so we moved it to the far side of the room- creating a little adult section AND creating a space where things can be hidden from view should the toddlers get a little cray down there! Mom received the handmade “to the moon” art work and instead of hiding it away we mounted it on the media wall next to the cozy corner fireplace.

This room came together nicely and with a keen eye to keep the budget friendly to allow for a luxe nursery update. We also did a quick entry way update too you will see in the pics. Thanks for having me Doherty’s, and to Fynn for the big hug!

Fire it Up

Fire it Up

It might seem kooky to do a blog on fireplaces RIGHT when everyone is turning them off-finally! and we hit our hot months, but a lot of you are making the best of the weather for your renovations or it’s GO time for new construction. So with that said I have been planning and scheming for a few clients these past few weeks on fireplaces so I thought I would share my inspo’s and what is trending.

Traditionally the fireplace served as the heart of the home, after all it was the main source of heat for most folks! Currently most homes have gas or electric making the design aspect much more fun! The fireplace serves as heat yes, but as a focal point, ambiance setter, and as art in today’s modern homes.

If you are shopping for a new gas fireplace make sure you:

#1. Buy one that is rated excellent by the EnerGuide- that way you won’t be stressing over your gas bill and can feel ok about having it on as much as you want

#2. Ask for/Buy a remote control. Nothing sends me over the edge more than having to switch the fireplace on or off from the front plate of the fireplace. Especially if you are a couch napper or blanket co-cooner everytime you have to leave your nest this will irk you too!

#3 Always us a professional for adding a gas fireplace in your home

#4 The BTU # is the number tha

t will tell you how much heat your place’ will kick out in your space. So if you have a larger room to heat make sure you get a fireplace with enough juice to the the job done.

Take a peak at what is trending………and read my notes on why and what is working:)



Finally a scale we need not be afraid of! teehee. This is the second of my 7 part “Principal of Design” blogs to help you create your own inspired space.

Scale or proportion in design is the relationship between objects with respect to size, number and relation between parts of a whole.

Experience designers will tell you that this principal of design is THE most important. The Roman’s and many great civilizations built their masterpieces around the scale of 1.618. There is something in human DNA that prefers this scale- CRAZY! So to say your too small side table or oversize plant just bothers you… science people!!

Here are my tips to keep your eyes on the proportions in your home:)

Principles of Design

Principles of Design

Part of my mission statement with The Edit is to help you create a home you love and help you to be inspired to play around, try things and change it up as you need and to help you do that by sharing tips and knowledge on exactly HOW to do that.

There are 7 Principles of Design: Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, Balance, Proportion or Scale, Harmony and Rhythm/Movement.

This week’s blog is about Contrast. Contrast is the juxtaposition of different elements of design such as rough and smooth textures, dark and light- in order to highlight their differences to create visual interest or a focal point.

A picture really is worth a 1000 words so peek through at examples of designing with contrast in mind…. take a look!

Pattern Positive!

Pattern Positive!

Most of us learned about patterns in elementary school! Long before we had to worry about owning or renting our own home and introducing pattern to make our  home look #fantastic.

The 2  B I G G E S T misconceptions about pattern is that 1.)it is impractical and will go out of style fast or 2.) It is too bold or too much of statement. To this I say hellnah!

Pattern Positives: 

  1. They create visual interest & are a great way to introduce color schemes into your design.
  2. If you vary the scale(size) of your patterns you can make the space feel bigger or smaller or more formal or relaxed
  3. You can create distinct “areas” in your home if you have an open floor plan


1.Make sure the patterns you select are different from each other. Ie not small dots and big dots

2.Ensure that your patterns have a least 1-2 colors in common

3. Choose patterns in proportion to your room. Ie Big room=Big prints!

4. Keep an eye on texture Ie: a satin pillow next to a rattan one might make your room feel a little cray! If you really can’t step out of your comfort zone focus more on the texture of the patterns and keep the colors solid.

Money Saver: If buying throw pillows make sure the cases are removable. Best for cleaning and when you want to update the fabric you don’t need to replace the whole pillow. Even better yet look for fabric sales and sew your own! Or in my case kindly ask family members to sew them for you!

Inserting link here to this amazing Canadian company for fabric. Ordering custom fabrics can be cost effective it is not just for rich folks!memo fabrics

I am adding photos here of pattern mixing done right and some patterns that are on the up and up for 2018.


What we gonna do?

So you know you need some help deciding what to do with your space and you have reached out to a designer you know or have been referred to by someone OR you like their vibe on social media. Cool! Here are my tips on what to expect and how to prepare for your consult!

  1. Make yourself a short list of the area(s) in your home that are top priority so you don’t forget to mention them during the appointment
  2. If you have a pinterest board of inspiration started, or something similar in terms of ideas of what you like-let the designer know ahead of time
  3. Don’t not mention something because you think it is too expensive! It is the designer’s JOB to come up with alternative options for you.
  4. Don’t expect HGTV schematics and 4D options unless you are ready to pay significant dollars! TV makes this look simple and fast but it is not.

During your consult:

1.When I arrive I will confirm with you what you want my services for in terms of the space(s) in your home

2. We will tour the space and talk about how you live or how you WANT to live and the things that you like!

3. I will take photos and measurements- in most cases

4. After the consult I will send you a scope of work, inspiration/materials/color selection for your design to serve as your jump off point and any other included items if you have booked a package other wise I will let you know the “next” steps as it were if you need help implementing all or some of your project and corresponding fees and an estimate for your project. If you are undertaking a massive renovation we will have formal 3D floor plans done up when you are ready and have consulted with a contractor.

Lastly, it is fun to create an inspired space! So don’t worry about the budget at this point, just think of what you like and how you are one step closer to creating your perfect nest!


Let’s get L I T!

Lighting, the unsung hero of your home. Natural lighting is very important to us humans so much so that it effects our mood and even our overall happiness(!), so choose a home with large windows and lots of natural light IF you can. If your pad falls short in this department help your home out by ensuring you have adequate task, mood and ambient lighting as needed in each room.

The top Edits to keep in mind for the ultimate lighting of your space:

1.Look for ways to compensate for small windows/ lack of natural light such as placing mirrors on walls opposite to windows so that they reflect daylight and create a brighter space.

2.Add dimmer switches wherever you can! Perfect for energy saving AND mood.

3. The worst F word in town? Fluorescent. Avoid these bulbs like the plague!Go dimmable A-19 LED or CFL’s compact flourescent.

4.Splash your personality around. There are SO MANY stylish options in lighting- modern lamps, contemporary sconces, statement chandeliers, and on and on and ON! Don’t be afraid to make your own statement. Lighting is relatively easy to change out and you can find fantastic deals so the investment can be low as well.

Here is a gallery of some statement making lighting on trend for 2018

. I love to look on,, and locally at Robinson Lighting and Bath and The Lampost.

The BIG O……..Organic Materials in Decor

The BIG O……..Organic Materials in Decor

The big O- organic materials in decor. Did you have your mind somewhere else?! Naughty.

I wouldn’t call Organic materials in decor a “trend”, they are here to STAY.

Organic design elements are made of materials which come from nature. The addition of natural, organic elements in our interiors can make us feel calm, at peace, and above all, welcomed. It is now known that using organic interior design elements to connect humans to nature nurtures health and well-being. Natural materials are also a healthier choice for interiors as they are non-toxic with little to no VOCs,ensuring better indoor quality. The use of organic elements in interior spaces is always a win-win. This post focus’s on organic themed decor- I will be doing a separate post about incorporating organic design elements to a new build/reno separately. These are all easy changes you can do over a weekend or an online shop:)

The Edit Top 5 Ways

Natural stone- Mable or Agate Wallpaper a feature wall, Add some agate or quartz lamps, add crystals to a bowl and display them. A stone topped table or coasters work too!

Woven materials- Baskets Galore! Add some catch all baskets to your living areas and kid friendly rooms. Woven rugs, and dining chairs are classic.

Wooden elements- Add wooden lamps, shelving or accent furniture. A bamboo blind or a custom art piece!

Brick- You don’t have to literally add bricks…. there are a TON of awesome brick wallpapers out there, some textured too. Or take color inspo from the brick, rusty reds, oranges, or whites and greys. I even love a copper/red backsplash.

Natural sun light- If your home does not have enough natural light, add some! Lamps and fixtures in natural materials or in a design mimicking nature will always read timeless in your space.

So…………..What are you going to do with my money?

So…………..What are you going to do with my money?

Having the Talk,

“I want to use a designer but I don’t what them to spend all my money”

Don’t be afraid to tell your designer what your budget is in fear that they will feel the need to blow your MAX budget. But DO tell them your actual, realistic number so that they can source accordingly. It will be disappointing for BOTH of you for a design concept to be pulled together only to find out it has been totally over shot in the money department. On the same hand, if you are expecting the best of the best and the project is under delivered, again both of you will be disappointed.

To get the best service and BANG for your BUCK be honest about the budget. If your designer isn’t willing to work with you then they are NOT, the designer for you! * or anybody really.

My design approach is to give 3 options all in the budget or workable in the budget, low, med, high. And to listen to what is important to you…..if fabulous counter tops are your dream then fabulous counters you will get, and we will tweek other things in the budget to make it work! This is the thrill of the hunt for your designer!

Awesome design is available in all price points. Here are a few tips:

Where to save:

Keep the same size windows, if possible. That said, you can also make a spectacular change with really big windows or French doors. Increasing natural light is always a good investment. If you have single glass windows—even if they’re in decent shape—it may be worth replacing them with insulated windows, which will save money on heating and cooling and also help reduce sound.

Unless you’re a serious cook or money is no object, don’t buy an expensive commercial-style range and fridge. There are many mid-priced, great-looking appliances out there. Appliances are standard sizes, so start with what you can afford, you can always move up later. Save your money for custom cabinets and countertops

Study your lighting needs—it’s much more cost effective to introduce lights during a remodel than after. I’m a natural light freak and also a big fan of incandescent lighting, though it’s no longer PC. The good news is that CFLs and LEDs have come a long way in the past few years, and many are available on dimmers. I use dimmers (almost) everywhere. They let you completely control the light and are well worth the extra dollars.

Never underestimate the transformative powers of color. Paint offers immediate gratification, even the good stuff is relatively inexpensive, and a careful amateur can do a good job. Hate your house? Try paint first

There’s a trend now to make kitchens and bathrooms huge, but they don’t need to be—after all, they’re also the most expensive to build. Opt for functionality over size. A nice touch in a shared bathroom is a separate room for the toilet. It can be pretty small, but include a window if you can, and always add an exhaust fan


Make at least one spectacular change. I think the biggest bang for the buck is to open up a ceiling. If you have an attic or a pitched roof, it’s likely that you can open it up. It’s not cheap, but it’s life changing

Two words about countertops: Remember resale. Spend a little, and it usually pays off in the long run. The newest quartz products

Spend on door hardware, light fixtures, and faucets. Details that get used daily need to be not only good-looking but also durable.

Furniture you love- If you absolutely love something and it is workable in your budget-GET IT! Love a red sofa/chair combo? Do it, life is short, love your space. Somethings you just can’t settle on and furniture is moveable if you sell the home take it with you and you don’t need to worry if buyers will like it or not!10456822-cash-dollar-signs-texture