Home Office Update

Home Office Update

I recently updated my home office. I had 3 goals- 1) create enclosed storage for samples 2) make as big a desk as possible 3) Not break the bank!

I knew I wanted crisp white cabinets, to make the 12×11 room feel as large as possible, I chose Simply White by Benjamin Moore and paired them with Matte Black edge pulls from Marathon Hardware along with 3 knobs on the cupboards.

Living Kitchens Cabinetry and Carmen especially, helped deliver these on semi-short notice and worked with my budget-Thank you! Visit them here: https://www.livingkitchens.ca/

Because I had a budget of $15,000, I opted not to go with a stone countertop on the cabinets- I rarely write on these surfaces so I had the tops finished in the same material as the cabinets. The file cabinet and my printer area have a bulkhead above so instead of highlighting that with white cabinets against my wall color, Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore I opted to do the tower in a dark melamine, Tete Tete from Tafisa. https://tafisa.ca/en

I created a workstation for an assistant to work when needed and took the main storage cabinets to 44” H to use the vertical space as much as possible. I didn’t splurge on solid wood drawers but did upgrade to soft close drawer functionality and that saved me a few hundred dollars.

I found this amazing light from Kichler via Essence Lighting that has moveable blades, perfect for when I need more focused light when pouring over plans or working early early in am. Next up lighting wise was this fun Neon light off Etsy, it’s a nod to my fun side while also introducing another pink to my black, white and gray palette. It does not hardwire so I had the cabinets cut to allow for the cord…normally something like this would send me over the edge…but the point of the light is that it is kitschy and fun, it isn’t supposed to be perfect so I kind of find that charming. Visit Tara and the girls at Essence Lighting here: https://www.essenceld.com/

One of the first items I purchased is the large floral print from Style in Form. My nana loved her rose garden and she definitely passed along her love of entertaining and decorating to me, so it is a nice nod to my memories with her. Many clients think of art as an afterthought, but I like to have a good handle on our themes as we begin a project. Art should be enjoyed or at least bring some sense of personality to a space, and I always love 1 big piece minimum for a room. I see so many different things, colors, materials day to day that I cannot live with too much of anything- I opted to add 2 metal wall rails to showcase current project samples and to play around with mood boards.

My next mission was to find the perfect desk, what I really wanted was a table but with some key features such as ability to hide unsightly cords, be completely smooth and be exact dimensions I wanted…. this was hard. I also had it in my mind that I wanted the legs to remind me of an airplane……to signify Ideas Taking Flight & as a reminder I work hard so I can Fly away on vacation as needed😊

Everything was just too small…. desks tended to max out at 5’ and tables didn’t really have those key features I needed. Enter my insanely talented cousin Ronnie. A skilled welder by trade he makes incredible pieces with wood and resin…I sent him my specs for size and style, and he built this gorgeous 70” desk I will love for decades!

The only thing that I didn’t do was update my flooring…. I am intending to rip up the carpet in here and my entry- these areas are connected but it is a big task that I want to do with some other tile replacing so I will do that and run heated flooring here in a year or so. The kicks come off my cabinets and this change will be easy to do and not affect my cabinets.

The Office Overhaul Cost Breakdown:

Cabinets $7100

Desk $2250

Light & Neon Light $525

**electrician to come and move my outlets to allow access for new cabinetry & install new light $250

Painting & Paint $200

Rose Art $300

Rug $100- my cats destroy all rugs, so I never splurge on these in my home, also I am a notorious klutz and spill frequently

Carpenter to put new baseboards on $200

Metal Sample Ledges & Wall file Folders $150

Office Chair $220

Acrylic Organizers for Interior of Drawers $350

Accessories $575- Tray, Bowl, 3 Picture Frames, Phone Holder etc.

TOTAL: $12,220

That is right! The first time I have been underbudget on anything! Had I done the flooring and replaced my blind I would have been over. Also, I did receive discounts of 5-15% on everything except labor due to my trade discounts so do keep that in mind for budgeting a similar space for yourself. But in the meantime, I have purported that savings to a new walk in closet😊Stay Tuned!


Living Room Face Lift

Living Room Face Lift

My living room recently had a mini makeover. I really spend very little time in this space…. I know that may sound weird, but it is true. Mostly Roman and I will have a glass of wine after dinner here or if we have company, we do hang out here and act like normal people, but it isn’t used too often. Mostly this is the view I see when I walk to my kitchen to get coffee in the morning, so I want it to look good honestly!

Goals here were 1) make TV disappear 2) create a statement mantle 3) find coffee table and chair that we will both love (we are now on third set of each!)

First off, we painted the open plan living, dining and Kitchen out in Benjamin Moore Silver Satin.

I have always loved the look of a slab of stone wrapped elegantly around a fireplace…. I also love not being poor LOL so when I priced out a dreamy 8’ x5’ slab and it came in at $12,000 I decided no, we won’t be getting that (insert crying emoji). Also, our home is 8 years old and so the gas fireplace works like a charm and to replace would have been minimum $6200 so we were going to keep this unit in place…. next up:my Plan B. I found this Nero Black tile via Dal Tile tile at Bridegport Flooring in 12″x48” lengths, this meant the face when sitting across from the fireplace would look like one piece. I added the slats above to create some drama and to attend to goal #1 which was to make the TV disappear. The black is Onyx from Benjamin Moore, and I added a slat wall to match in my hallway to tie this look in elsewhere and make it feel like it was always here and not a spec house add on-which it is!

The TV was a point of domestic disturbance. We have a big tv in our TV room for movie nights, so I didn’t want a massive TV here (husband of course wanted as large as humanly possible☹) So we compromised on size, and I ordered in the 50” Samsung Art TV. We waited 6months for it to come in due to Covid….and Roman hated it. So back it went. We ended up with a simple who knows what smart tv and it is low profile, and it is great- also much cheaper than the art tv, so I guess a win. Also, it fit on our old articulating mount so Roman felt nice about that $60 savings HA!

I fell in love with an abstract city scape canvas on Etsy and had an amazing BC artist Kiley Jane recreate it for me custom to my measures. I added the dreamy vintage vibe CB2 Clooney mirror, this doubles the natural light at this end of the open floor plan and acts to create a cool vibe when paired next to the fireplace marble inspired tile.

Shop the Clooney Mirrors here: https://www.cb2.ca/accessories/

The chair is a swivel low back, perfect for the transition in an open floor plan between the dining room. I like to keep furnishing site lines pretty low when you have a peaked ceiling like I do in this space. It gives the illusion of more height and I find lower furniture more conducive to conversation. It is from LDShoppe, one of my go to’s for great pieces at great prices! Shop them here: https://ldshoppe.com/

The coffee table was a piece I had been drooling over, I had found a solid piece for over $3000 and kept it in my cart for almost ONE YEAR. Finally, just as I was about ready to suck it up and order I came across an almost identical version from Style in Form at Portfolio Interiors for $1200 so I picked it up the next day😊Shop Style in Form here: https://styleinform.com/

For me personally I like minimal décor/accessories. Typically, I change these up seasonally and swap out rugs/pillows about every 24months or so. In a living area for adult entertaining (ha!) I always have some iteration of candles, books, vase with blooms/greens, cool coasters and some sort of memento. If you can’t/don’t like real greens DO invest in high quality fake ones. Besides looking more realistic these tend to repel dust better so over time they will pay for themselves.

My rug is a smidge too small for the space. This is something I choose to live with because I am a crazy cat lady. My cats destroy rugs, just by existing. I use a cherry spray for my furniture but rugs never last in this house and also wine gets spilled a lot so even with regular cleaning my rugs get severe abuse. This one is from Urban Barn, and it was a floor model and I got it for $110.


ALWAYS vary your heights of accessories. Here I have 3 heights of candle sticks on the mantle. I took wooden beads and laid them out horizontally to add a bit of color that ties in with the art and the décor box ides remotes and adds a little pop of shine.

On the coffee table a stack of books paired with a tall vase carries the eye up and toward the focal fireplace. Height ensures your space doesn’t visually “fall flat” and stacking goods, like books add a casualness most spaces can benefit from.

Coasters are a good way to add some style. These are faux marble and offer protection from the worst kind of guest- the red wine drinker.

Trays are one of my favorite items to accessorize with. This hamsa hand is a small version of a tray and it houses some current stones that I am into. It is from The Cross, shop them here: https://thecrossdesign.com/

ALWAYS mix texture. Even in a modern space like mine you need some varied texture. Here the solid wood coffee table is the perfect partner to the smooth fireplace and the linen weave sofa and chair.

RULE OF PILLOWS: Never more than 2 the same. Ensure you have a lumbar (long and narrow) Down is the best investment and will hold their shape over time.

The Mini Makeover Cost Breakdown:

Repainting of Open Area $800

Chair $1150

Rug $110

Coffee Table $960

Fireplace Demo, Tile and Tile Work: $1400

Pillows $550

Side table $180

Candle Sticks $180

Art $500

Mirror $780

TOTAL: $6400

** received trade discounts




Open Shelves are having a moment! If you are like me and have an aversion to clutter, I have a few parameters I like to keep in mind when incorporating them into a kitchen design.

1- keep the scale of the shelves in mind- a bigger kitchen usually calls for a larger/longer/chunkier shelf than a small space

2- make sure you add backing to support the shelves if you intend to house a lot of goods on them

3-corners are great spots for open shelving- they look awesome and tend to function great while keeping the countertop below nice and open.

4-modular shelving is stylish and cool and a good low maintenance option if wood is not your thing! Take a peak at 2 recent projects which featured open shelving!

Custom Home DETAILS

Custom Home DETAILS

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of my role helping clients create the spaces of their dreams is working in those small details that speak to who the clients are and how they enjoy spending time and living in their homes. Often after we have worked through the budgets, plans and all the BIG ticket items we get to slow down and work in some smaller details that are totally tailored to them.

This build has 2 great touches based around the clients love of entertaining, music and wine!

I based the design for the record holder off of a high end store inspiration and then scaled it out to ensure the right size and positioning next to the 14′ high tiled fireplace. The wine rack was designed to feature mesh to match the liquor cabinet-also a custom detail. Always a pleasure working with Chad Macdonald at  Tri-rom Industries making these crazy plans come to fruition!

Dining Table from Hudson’s Bay. Couch at Article

Rockstar Flourishes

Rockstar Flourishes

This has to be one of my favorite “moments” ever created in a home I have worked on. This floor plan as a 2 story entrance- and on the second floor you pass the light fixture on your way to the principle bedroom daily- so we had to find something awesome here..and it doesn’t get much cooler than a chandelier shrouded in black MESH. Thanks to Tara at Essence Lighting for helping us figure the installation so that it would look seamless!

The home owners have a little girl so we needed to ensure our staircase and railings were not only great looking but ULTRA safe. I laid out the spindles to be extra close together rather than the standard code allowance- this a) made it safer b) mimicked the hanging mesh on our chandelier tying the items together. I also chose square spindles rather than round here to amp up the edge factor! The stair case has wall lights in matte black as well as the handrail clips- 2 areas often overlooked when building but not on my watch;)

We chose poplar wood for its soft and almost matte finish so we could seal it and it matches the Coretec Vinyl flooring perfectly. The home owners added their own feature wall with molding and painted it in Onyx black which we used in the open plan living room.

Design really is in the DETAILS.

Built by Tao Homes- Awesome Pics by Natalie Dolman Photography

Cutest Guest Bath on the Block

This guest bathroom packs major style without going over the top. We found these awesome Moda Tile at Bridgeport Floors, they were under 5$ a sq ft! We wanted the soft color of the tile to be the show case here so went with a low key grout.

We ran the blonde vinyl plank flooring in and used an economical but stylish shower base and added a custom door with black handle to tie in the plumbing.

Because the shower tile is BOLD we did chrome for the shower faucet to let the tile steal the show. We balanced the room with a round mirror for curve, off set the sink to allow for a better storage plan in the vanity and for some interest. Black edge pulls paired with the shaker cupboards in crisp white finish the room off.

Walls are Benjamin Moore- Vanilla Milkshake. I know my clients will love this little bath for  years to come- Built by Tao Holdings.

Patio SZN


Patio season always feels like it’ll never come, yet here we are mid-May and summer is officially on the horizon (albeit during strange times in the world).

Your patio gets a ton of use during this season. Dinner parties start and end here, lazy Sunday mornings spent sipping coffee, or a quick resting spot during a day of yard work. For a few months, the patio is an extension of your house. Below are a few ideas to bring that patio back to life and insert some style and charm. Break out the power washer!

Let’s start from the ground up. Does your deck flooring need some attention? Your budget, the size of the space, and the function of your deck will all come into play when making a decision on what material to use. Check out this article that lays out some of the pros and cons of pressure treated lumber, hardwoods, composite, and aluminum.


Covered decks/pergolas are a great way to extend the living space outside creating a “nook-like” feeling. This one from Wayfair includes a canopy i.e. ultimate napping spot.


Another way to create a sense of enclosure is by adding privacy walls. Varying width wood slats options are a relatively easy weekend DIY project, or opt for something pre-made like these modern screens.


What is a patio without a fire pit? Add the ultimate easy conversation center with a propane one. This sleek and clean rectangular one from Home Depot hits all the marks.  Or this modern round one from Amazon or this one from Wayfair.

5 Essentials to Bring Your Patio Dreams to Life — Scout & Nimble

Consider how you want your patio to function. Space matters if you’re working with a small to mid-sized deck, do you use it more for sharing a meal outside or lounging casually with family and friends. Maybe you can get away with a smaller round table and chairs for dining and two cozy lounge chairs – do NOT forget the ottoman

This set from Wayfair has sangria with chips & guac written all over it…



We’re diggin’ the mid-modern patio furniture styles like this sectional from Article.


Here’s where a deck becomes an outdoor living room. A successful patio has comfortable seating, mood lighting, lots of textiles in the form of pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs, and of course – greenery.

Cozy throw blankets, plush lumbar pillows, upholstered ottomans, string lights, candles, and greenery – that’s what patio dreams are made of. Look for lots of texture and playful shapes.



Side table




String Lights

Patterned Wool Pillow  |  Mid-Century Pattern Pillow




Many of you might be considering a facial for your home…ie: repainting! Spring is a great time to paint. The weather is warmer, days are longer and emotionally it is a great time of year for a change in our environments.

For some nerdy background on color psychology read here: Color and Emotional Well Being

Choosing a paint color can be challenging. Natural light, artificial light, all finishing’s in the room such as flooring and carpet all need to be considered.Factoring in the color of large furniture and art work in the space will affect the result of your color choice too. Here are some handy tips to help you on your way.

Choose a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space- such as a vintage rug you love and will have for years to come!

Start with the most used areas of the home, or most formal

Contrast with warm and cool tones to create a modern look

Don’t be afraid to show your personal style if you are in your forever home

Grey’s will never fail you!

Don’t be afraid to add a subtle tint to your ceiling paint

Ensure you try samples– live with it for a few days, check the colors out in changing lights and with your window treatments open and closed- this is dubbed the “theatre of light”principle

Look in your closet– often your wardrobe will direct you to the colors you tend to favor most


The glossier/shinier a paint the easier the wipe up- i.e. kids furniture and trim

Eggshell is great for Kitchens and Baths as it is easy wash ability

Walls with lots of imperfections can take a matte finish to hide flaws, but does not clean well

Darker colors can make a room feel smaller and lighter color can make the room feel larger

High Gloss adds dimension to rooms- hence why you find it on trim and baseboards often.

We do color consultations, approx $185-200. Book yours today!250-299-3900

EDIT FAVE’S *** do note that screens don’t show color accurately so take this cheat sheet and take a trip to your favorite paint store. We love Benjamin Moore world wide and Expressive Interiors if you are in Revelstoke.  Visit Lori at Expressive Interiors

Below are some of our current favorites. If you are looking for whites our TOP picks are:

White Dove, Decorator’s White,Simply White, Cloud White, and Oxford White!

Covid 2020

Well it goes without saying we are in a strange, scary and overwhelming time! Most of us are spending A LOT more time at home than usual and at week (4?) I know my mental health has been an hour by hour game! HA!

I know a lot of blogs out there might be telling you a list of DIY’s and stuff you could/should be doing around your house. Well you’re not going to get that here! First off the only thing worse than an unskilled DIY is a rushed DIY and any home project should be well planned and well thought out so RESIST the urge to paint willy-nilly or tackle a job that really needs a professional with all the right tools.  Resist the urge to fill your day with things you ought to do, and that includes home projects. Focus instead on small pleasures around your home and projects like organizing what you already have, editing all the “stuff” you have and getting outside! Take note of what is NOT working in your home, functionally, and if you are looking at home schooling and working from home for the future make a must have list or at least of list of what needs to work better. From that list you can make decisions and purchases that make sense! Designers ARE still working too so if you need some help, contact your favorite and see if they can help!

I have been ensuring I keep my home cozy by having fresh flowers weekly- Fern and Frond here in Kamloops is my favorite- contact Chelsea here Fern and Frond

If you need budget friendly blooms- go find a nice branch or bloom on a hike or ask a neighbour- these bring the outdoors in too and are essentially FREE. Just make sure it’s floral or green- nothing dead – it is bad Feng Shui.

Order some Vancouver Candle Co Candles to light each evening. The awesome women at Main Street Clothing will even deliver your online order!

I like my house to feel like a neat and tidy hotel, and that starts where you start and end your day- The bed!- I have been washing or changing my sheets more often to ensure a crisp, delectable sleep! My absolute all time fave sheets are from Pottery Barn, they are a splurge but worth it! PB Belgian Flax Sheets and this winter I found a great set off Amazon for $40 that are in rotation too- these deep pocket guys: amazon sheet set

I am avoiding any unnecessary purchases indoors but I am adding Vegan Leather pillows to my bedroom and living room, they are chic, sexy and a room always needs more texture! Article has some and Etsy is my fave, make sure you check all specs to ensure your leather is cruelty free and indeed vegan if that is import ant to you (it is to me!) Etsy Faux Leather Pillows

Organize what you already have! If you don’t already own a label maker, buy one! So handy for home schooling, spices, filing and for closet organization too!  Brother makes the best ones: Brother Label Makers

Make sure you are allowing enough time for your nervous system to absorb and process the stress of the world right now- or you family HA! I recently discovered cork yoga mats and I LOVE em’. Indigo has speedy delivery right now and I am trying out a larger meditation cushion from the round shape, and I like it! Under $50 here- great for kiddos too! Floor Cushion Cork Yoga Mat here: Cork Yoga Mat

If you have a build or reno coming up, take advantage of this time NOW to plan, design and consult with your designer or builder. The more time that goes into your project the better the results! In the mean time, take it easy, small changes, small pleasures, small luxuries. And whatever you do, do not start a DIY you can’t finish;)  Take a peak at the inspo below- SP

Sun Peaks Face lift

Sun Peaks Face lift

We had the pleasure of working with the owners of this beautiful Sun Peaks home this summer to give it a fresh new look. The owners wanted to keep the warm chalet feel but bring the furniture and decor up to date. We started by repainting the whole home, updating the lighting in most rooms, taking an inventory of what furniture we could keep and setting our target date to get everything done by so this home could hit the market!  We created shopping style boards for each room for the clients to review and approve (while they were on vacation!) making the process smooth for them as they did not live on site.

We ran into a few snags such as finding awesome furniture pieces that we had to wait for, some damaged goods being delivered- even from high end stores!- and a few contractor related mishaps…thankfully the owners had a great sense of humor- and patience!