Sun Peaks Face lift

Sun Peaks Face lift

We had the pleasure of working with the owners of this beautiful Sun Peaks home this summer to give it a fresh new look. The owners wanted to keep the warm chalet feel but bring the furniture and decor up to date. We started by repainting the whole home, updating the lighting in most rooms, taking an inventory of what furniture we could keep and setting our target date to get everything done by so this home could hit the market!  We created shopping style boards for each room for the clients to review and approve (while they were on vacation!) making the process smooth for them as they did not live on site.

We ran into a few snags such as finding awesome furniture pieces that we had to wait for, some damaged goods being delivered- even from high end stores!- and a few contractor related mishaps…thankfully the owners had a great sense of humor- and patience!

Heritage meets Mid Century

Heritage meets Mid Century

This was by far one of my favorite projects to date! My clients were so awesome and had great style! And to top it off they had bought this heritage home and decided to tear down walls- ALWAYS a good time, mostly LOL. We worked together to create what turned out to be a gorgeous, fun and totally functional space for their family. We mixed warm flooring with classic cabinetry, glam but funky lighting and well selected furniture to highlight the 3 living spaces in the open area. Thanks to Ben and Steph for being troopers through what was a BIG project, and to Living Kitchens for the Kitchen Cabinetry.


Custom Build Wrap Up

This past year I was fortunate to work with The Harris’s! An awesome family of 4.

Their home was designed by Melanie at Monashee Designs,  and they contacted me as their design was wrapping up and we started designing the exterior and interior finishes of their home. This was such an amazing project! First off Cody and Shawna both make decisions pretty easily and they had some great ideas in mind already, I just guided them, helped sort out solutions where needed and the collaboration made for a home they will enjoy for years. Tyler, owner of Arcadian Construction was a dream to work with. From the initial budget he provided – for the home and shop- the communication was clear, it was easy for us to keep track of where things would come over and under and his crew did excellent work! Shout out to Corey for his attention to detail on the custom closet and to NFB for the tile work!

Along the way I got to spend time with their adorable kids, get to know them better and I am happy to report we are friends for life, whether they want me around or not! Take a peak at some of the highlights here in photos taken by Melissa Sessa Photography. All floors from Revelstoke Flooring,  and paints all Benjamin Moore. 

It was a rainy day so we didn’t shoot any exteriors but more to come!





Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or have a place in the country, the exterior of your house is the first thing people see (curb appeal is no joke!).  The exterior of your home can also be an opportunity to showcase your own personal style before you even cross the threshold of your front door.

In Kamloops we have a wide variety of areas, each with their own set of individual characteristics. And while individuality is something to often be embraced; having your home stick out like a sore thumb is not always the best course of action.  Finding harmony between one’s own personal style and the feel of your particular neighborhood can often feel like a Herculean task.

We’re here to help!!

When considering an exterior renovation or face lift, the first thing most of us think of is siding…whether that be cement board, stucco, wood, steel, or even a combination of materials, the possibilities are endless!

In Kamloops (particularly for new builds and renovations) cement board is likely the most common product chosen for exteriors.  This is likely due to many factors: it’s relatively inexpensive, it’s durable (which is great for our cold winters and hot Kamloops summers), it comes in many different colours, and also many different cladding options (ie lap siding, vertical siding, board and batten, and shakes are all available).  You can also choose a combination of cladding options or mix and match your colours.

Scroll down for more and for links to product pages……………

Stucco can also be a great option as is pictured below; it also comes is a multitude of colours and generally gives a more modern feel with its clean lines.

Wood can be used for an exterior design in a multitude of ways; you’ll often see wood as an accent in trims and beam work or more completely like you would see in a timber frame home or log home.  Wood siding can be more high maintenance than something like cement board but the warmth of natural wood is something that cannot be duplicated.

Steel siding (as you see from the pictures) is not just for a shop or storage shed anymore.  In fact, it can offer an extremely durable and modern feel to your home!

Accents of stone or brick are also an important aspect of your home’s exterior to consider.  In fact, a lot of new subdivisions require a certain percentage of rock or brick to be part of your exterior design.  Below you’ll find some great examples of brick and stone work.

Some of our favorite brands to work with:

James Hardie Products

Steel Siding and Roofs

Rock and Stone

Paint and Stain Ideas

Summer Catch Up

This summer has been off to an AMAZING start! I have been working on so many really awesome projects and I can’t wait to show some finished work this fall.

Side note on that….my girl Karen Bohn WATCH HER HERE: Bohnafide had a great post not too long ago about people asking for before and after’s and project updates and why she takes so long doing them. I wanted to blast that everywhere! Projects take a LONG TIME, and The Edit service is a start to finish…from consulting at the start, site visits, managing the project start to finish, client meetings, to furnishing and decorating an entire space the average time frame is about 12-16 months! Now, I can tell you people do not “like” or become engaged by seeing photo’s of construction sites….and that is not what I want them to see when they come to the website. SO I do post a lot in my stories about the day to days of interior design but I endeavor to shoot my projects when they are 110% DONE. So patience is a virtue people! Also professional photography is expensive, not gonna lie- it’s WELL worth the investment- but if I am shooting a project you better believe I want it as completed AS possible.

NEXT UP: The Edit is growing! I have TWO amazing,talented rockstars starting with me and I am over the moon to expand this business to serve our clients with the absolute best Interior Design work and Personal Styling. I began this business knowing that I wanted a small army of talented, strong and creative women( 3 actually) so we can work together to create a business and lifestyle brand making peoples lives better and be a part of bringing fantastic properties to the real estate market.

So that said: Write down your plans. Work at them everyday. Always, always have fun.

Spring Has Sprung

The last month has been unbelievably busy and I have been having a heck of a time keeping up with blogging and updating my site!

Both Kamloops and Revelstoke are keeping me busy with projects and I have been meeting so many great people creating beautiful spaces. Here are a few snap shots and words from the last little while…………….

Far & Wide FREE Consult Day

Saturday March 2nd I was in store at Far & Wide, Kamloop’s most awesome, well curated shop located at 167 4th Street. I offered pre-booked FREE design consults, met with any walk in’s who had design questions, served up some Cocoa Dot Cupcakes and Prosecco. YUM! The ladies & owner/operators Callie and Brianne also revealed new retail space and some amazing new products. I encourage you to visit their website too, to sign up for their wellness series or any host of great events they host at the store. Their brand and everything they bring to the table in terms of customer service & care is NEXT LEVEL!

We had an amazing day, here are a few shots from the day!

Shop Far & Wide Online HERE

Order your custom Cake or Cupcakes HERE

Play by Play of my Day to Day

Usually things tend to slow down over the holidays and new year, but just like the rest of 2018- this year was unpredictably busy! I had high hopes of coming home from a fabulous vacation and having December and January to business plan, take some courses and quite frankly kick back a bit after a super busy season. Didn’t happen! Here is a little bit of just what the heck it is I get up to, there is no typical day in Interior Design- some days I am zipping around to sites, scouring local sources to pull samples, visiting clients for initial consultations, meeting with trades, scheming up design elements to set my clients home apart, budget reviewing, styling decor and usually a bit of actual design time.

There is A LOT of behind the scene’s work to grow my business and ensure that I don’t miss the mark in providing service that people need. Read the captions for a play by play on my day to day!

More than a Kitchen

More than a Kitchen

I get to meet amazing people doing what I do, and this past summer I was so fortunate to have Shirley recommended to me- (Thanks Lisa!) Not only did we have a successful collaboration but I have gained a friend for life.

I met with Shirley after she had already met with her great contractor Jason from Sagestone Construction and they had a general layout decided on as well as the cabinetry & appliances sourced from Ikea. I was instantly impressed with the clear communication and detail provided by Jason….let me tell you in this industry it can be a tricky thing- imagine literal trades people and airy fairy creatives such as myself LOL our paperwork sometimes is lacking- anyhoo NOT in this case…. Along the way I consulted with Shirley to select the perfect backsplash, sink, cabinet hardware, lighting and finishing touches for her kitchen. The reno involved taking out a wall to open up her large living space and to place the island for maximum entertaining use and for her to enjoy her river view.

Once the kitchen was underway we gave her dining room a refresh. Shirley has traveled to many amazing places, including India so we wanted to put some of her treasures on display as well as keep the history of the space. She is lucky enough to have some stunning antiques and pieces that have been in her family for decades, so the decor approach was to highlight these pieces by adding a new mirror, creating the start of a gallery space & moving some furniture around- namely adding the mirror to reflect her great view!

The marriage of new and old can really be felt in her welcoming home- click thru the gallery for more information. I think the best part of this whole collaboration was hearing that Shirley enjoyed the process- yes enjoyed a renovation!- and is hosting her family and guests more than ever! Cheers to 2019 !

Family Fun

Family Fun

This was a fun project for my friend’s the Doherty’s! They have a newer home in Aberdeen with a huge rec space downstairs that just wasn’t being utilized, and now that they are about to add a new bundle of joy, it was time to get the space cozied up!

The basics: The room has amazing wallpaper! Obvi that had to be kept- and it formed a great basis of color to pull from for the room. We decided to tie in greys,whites and warm wood tones. This is always a good strategy in a room that might not get the most light- it keeps things chic but adds a bit of life since wood tones read as “natural”

We kept the existing media hutch but added 2 wall mounted Ikea Besta units and wall mounted the TV. Cords still need to be hidden-!Since the couch is large, and dark, adding some pillows in a variety of textures and patterns was important, we tied in a large PLAY sign, from the great folks at Ginger and the Huth from Esty, added a cubby shelf for storage and popped in 6 HUDDA baskets from Ikea- perfect for a little dude who loves cars!

The coffee table is a great fit for the space- the wood top has a nice warmth to it and the black open design keeps it nice and light while showing off the great area rug! We have a great kid friendly pouf too…with alphabet letters but it ended up being back ordered soooooo it is not pictured here.

Mom and Dad should have easy access to the wine fridge so we moved it to the far side of the room- creating a little adult section AND creating a space where things can be hidden from view should the toddlers get a little cray down there! Mom received the handmade “to the moon” art work and instead of hiding it away we mounted it on the media wall next to the cozy corner fireplace.

This room came together nicely and with a keen eye to keep the budget friendly to allow for a luxe nursery update. We also did a quick entry way update too you will see in the pics. Thanks for having me Doherty’s, and to Fynn for the big hug!