8 Recycling bins you’ll actually want to show off

Ways to reduce our contribution to landfill waste is a prevalent topic today. Arguably one of the first ways we can have an impact is streamlining the sorting process by incorporating separate recycling bins to our general waste receptacles in the home, in other words, MAKE IT EASY FOR YOURSELF.

This means having dedicated bins for weekly recycling and returnables (not a word but should be).

Upgrading your garbage/recycling situation in your kitchen is also a really easy way to decrease visual clutter and ultimately make that space more enjoyable. The kitchen is where you’ll spend the most amount of time cooking, entertaining and cleaning. You’ve also invested in the finishing’s and appliances, so modernizing those bins is a low effort-big impact kind of moment.

There are so many cool options for standalone bins now that are minimal enough to blend right into your kitchen and actually feel like an extension of your appliances. From motion sensors to voice activated, to muted color concepts like camel and mint – companies have turned the page on adding some chicness to your waste & recycling containers.

Below are a some favourites that made the list:

Open sesame! Voice activated bin from Simple Human in rose gold

Simple Human - Voice Activated

Brabantia is a Dutch brand that is knocking it out of the park with minimal and mid-modern designed bins.

Brabantia Golden Beach

Brabantia Mint









Joseph Joseph is another brand that is leading the way in the marriage of function and beauty.  This stacking unit has two compartments for waste & recycling



This sleek Kohler dual compartment step to open unit comes in pearly white too!



If your local area requires you to sort your recycling further (glass, paper, soft plastics) Pick up three of the same garbage containers and label with a customized decal –  We like these from Etsy

Storage & Organization Ideas for Recycling Centers


For some added texture and an ultimate incognito recycling receptacle, re-purpose large wicker baskets and place plastic bins inside. Make sure the basket has a sturdy enough weave to withstand the weight of a full bin. Love the idea of tucking them under an open island or using a laundry hamper as a standalone.


If you’re planning a bit of a reorganization of your kitchen, consider upgrading a cabinet to include under-counter pull outs that expose separate bins for recycling/garbage. Tucked away and tidy! This is a great option if the traffic flow space in your kitchen is limited, i.e. not a lot of room for standalone bins.

in-cabinet can, heavy-duty steel frame

Happy sorting!