More than a Kitchen

I get to meet amazing people doing what I do, and this past summer I was so fortunate to have Shirley recommended to me- (Thanks Lisa!) Not only did we have a successful collaboration but I have gained a friend for life.

I met with Shirley after she had already met with her great contractor Jason from Sagestone Construction and they had a general layout decided on as well as the cabinetry & appliances sourced from Ikea. I was instantly impressed with the clear communication and detail provided by Jason….let me tell you in this industry it can be a tricky thing- imagine literal trades people and airy fairy creatives such as myself LOL our paperwork sometimes is lacking- anyhoo NOT in this case…. Along the way I consulted with Shirley to select the perfect backsplash, sink, cabinet hardware, lighting and finishing touches for her kitchen. The reno involved taking out a wall to open up her large living space and to place the island for maximum entertaining use and for her to enjoy her river view.

Once the kitchen was underway we gave her dining room a refresh. Shirley has traveled to many amazing places, including India so we wanted to put some of her treasures on display as well as keep the history of the space. She is lucky enough to have some stunning antiques and pieces that have been in her family for decades, so the decor approach was to highlight these pieces by adding a new mirror, creating the start of a gallery space & moving some furniture around- namely adding the mirror to reflect her great view!

The marriage of new and old can really be felt in her welcoming home- click thru the gallery for more information. I think the best part of this whole collaboration was hearing that Shirley enjoyed the process- yes enjoyed a renovation!- and is hosting her family and guests more than ever! Cheers to 2019 !