What we gonna do?

So you know you need some help deciding what to do with your space and you have reached out to a designer you know or have been referred to by someone OR you like their vibe on social media. Cool! Here are my tips on what to expect and how to prepare for your consult!

  1. Make yourself a short list of the area(s) in your home that are top priority so you don’t forget to mention them during the appointment
  2. If you have a pinterest board of inspiration started, or something similar in terms of ideas of what you like-let the designer know ahead of time
  3. Don’t not mention something because you think it is too expensive! It is the designer’s JOB to come up with alternative options for you.
  4. Don’t expect HGTV schematics and 4D options unless you are ready to pay significant dollars! TV makes this look simple and fast but it is not.

During your consult:

1.When I arrive I will confirm with you what you want my services for in terms of the space(s) in your home

2. We will tour the space and talk about how you live or how you WANT to live and the things that you like!

3. I will take photos and measurements- in most cases

4. After the consult I will send you a scope of work, inspiration/materials/color selection for your design to serve as your jump off point and any other included items if you have booked a package other wise I will let you know the “next” steps as it were if you need help implementing all or some of your project and corresponding fees and an estimate for your project. If you are undertaking a massive renovation we will have formal 3D floor plans done up when you are ready and have consulted with a contractor.

Lastly, it is fun to create an inspired space! So don’t worry about the budget at this point, just think of what you like and how you are one step closer to creating your perfect nest!