So…………..What are you going to do with my money?

Having the Talk,

“I want to use a designer but I don’t what them to spend all my money”

Don’t be afraid to tell your designer what your budget is in fear that they will feel the need to blow your MAX budget. But DO tell them your actual, realistic number so that they can source accordingly. It will be disappointing for BOTH of you for a design concept to be pulled together only to find out it has been totally over shot in the money department. On the same hand, if you are expecting the best of the best and the project is under delivered, again both of you will be disappointed.

To get the best service and BANG for your BUCK be honest about the budget. If your designer isn’t willing to work with you then they are NOT, the designer for you! * or anybody really.

My design approach is to give 3 options all in the budget or workable in the budget, low, med, high. And to listen to what is important to you…..if fabulous counter tops are your dream then fabulous counters you will get, and we will tweek other things in the budget to make it work! This is the thrill of the hunt for your designer!

Awesome design is available in all price points. Here are a few tips:

Where to save:

Keep the same size windows, if possible. That said, you can also make a spectacular change with really big windows or French doors. Increasing natural light is always a good investment. If you have single glass windows—even if they’re in decent shape—it may be worth replacing them with insulated windows, which will save money on heating and cooling and also help reduce sound.

Unless you’re a serious cook or money is no object, don’t buy an expensive commercial-style range and fridge. There are many mid-priced, great-looking appliances out there. Appliances are standard sizes, so start with what you can afford, you can always move up later. Save your money for custom cabinets and countertops

Study your lighting needs—it’s much more cost effective to introduce lights during a remodel than after. I’m a natural light freak and also a big fan of incandescent lighting, though it’s no longer PC. The good news is that CFLs and LEDs have come a long way in the past few years, and many are available on dimmers. I use dimmers (almost) everywhere. They let you completely control the light and are well worth the extra dollars.

Never underestimate the transformative powers of color. Paint offers immediate gratification, even the good stuff is relatively inexpensive, and a careful amateur can do a good job. Hate your house? Try paint first

There’s a trend now to make kitchens and bathrooms huge, but they don’t need to be—after all, they’re also the most expensive to build. Opt for functionality over size. A nice touch in a shared bathroom is a separate room for the toilet. It can be pretty small, but include a window if you can, and always add an exhaust fan


Make at least one spectacular change. I think the biggest bang for the buck is to open up a ceiling. If you have an attic or a pitched roof, it’s likely that you can open it up. It’s not cheap, but it’s life changing

Two words about countertops: Remember resale. Spend a little, and it usually pays off in the long run. The newest quartz products

Spend on door hardware, light fixtures, and faucets. Details that get used daily need to be not only good-looking but also durable.

Furniture you love- If you absolutely love something and it is workable in your budget-GET IT! Love a red sofa/chair combo? Do it, life is short, love your space. Somethings you just can’t settle on and furniture is moveable if you sell the home take it with you and you don’t need to worry if buyers will like it or not!10456822-cash-dollar-signs-texture