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Ah the home office! Friend or Foe? I say F R I E N D. First off, if you have a dedicated space for this in your house-yay you! You are already winning.  The trickery comes if you don’t set it up for functionality.  The office has to work for you not just make you look functional, otherwise your mess will inevitably end up on your kitchen table or worse….in bed with you!

This is my home office, after a few different layouts I found what works for me. The room is 12×13 and I spent about $2000 on it, or $12.80 per sq ft if you are counting. It was simply decor & styling my vision at a decent price point.

Here I share my Office Edit’s:

  1. The work flow is #1. Cut down time looking for things. Do you just sit and type? Ok cool, but if you type, print, file some stuff, need coffee every 15, then set yourself up to have all of that handy. In ARM’s length if at all possible. It will cut down on you getting side tracked.
  2. Desk Dilemma. I Love love love love love cool writing desks. LOVE EM! However it isn’t 1890 and we all have CORDS. Ugly cords and a lot of them. If this will send you bananas like it does me, get a desk that will hide them at least a bit. Yes, you can zap strap them close to legs and run them under rugs etc but they will still be in eyesight. So pick a style that will work with your Desk-losophy or you will be in cord hell.
  3. Check Yo Lights– Make sure you have ample lighting to work. One overhead might not be enough, task lighting such as a desk lamp will save your eyes and you can find tons of cool ones. Then check your natural light and how it flows in the room. If you have dreamed of your eastern facing desk watching the sun rise as your write your novel you may soon find that the light pours in until 2pm and you can hardly see. Top down bottom up window coverings are a great solution for that!
  4. Storage Wars. Do you need to hide unsightly files or paperwork? Will it bother you if you have to look at piles of paper? Once you know your comfort level you can build your style out around that.
  5.  If for some reason you are not wired up correctly or don’t have enough juice to run all your devices you should sort that out STAT. You will want your main work station close to the J U I C E.

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